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i got a request from this picture to do an icon, and well, i was bored, so i did. i did quite a few of them. they're not all that great, but theres like 6 of 'em. if you do happen to take any, credit me in the keywords & comment.

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oooo sexy!!! I LIKEY
you can use 'em if you want :)
yeah that's from beavis and butthead (the bare ass on tv) anywho yeah I used to be "flying_bunnies" on lj but now i'm "deer_hunter" anywho good icon, love this lj group :)
i remember that name. hello. again.
hey :) I forget, but are the Darkness putting out a new album yet or are they still touring?
not sure, i heard they were gonna go work on it, then do their UK arena tour, them *hopefully* come to the US again...
Ohh how fun I snatched one and saved it for later
Ahhh...yuuummy! Dontcha just wanna bite it? Can i pinch one (no pun intended!)? Oh gawd, but i can't decide which one! DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE GODDAMNIT, DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

*Aheh hem*
save 'em all. switch 'em throughout the month.

or not.
Greatness! Lmao.

lol BUM! thats great :D
mmm yummy.